Glory be to God for all the amazing things He did to me and through me


  • God healed my hyperthyroid. I prayed and I was ready to receive the healing in faith. Since I believed I have been healed I stopped taking medication and I started giving thanks to God for healing me. After almost a month without any medicines, my blood tests came completely normal. I believed I was healed because by the Bible says that by Jesus stripes I have been healed (Isaiah 53:5) and because I was convinced that God is faithful, that He is keeping His promises. I stopped the medication entirely when I had faith that God healed me (1st April 2017)
  • God healed my daughter most of the times I prayed for her – knee pain, nail infection, headache, bellyache and every bruise and graze. Whenever something is hurting her, she is asking me to pray for her because she knows that God will heal her. One time I prayed for her very dry lips and skin around her mouth I’ve seen the colour of her skin going back to normal in second as I’ve prayed.
  • I have seen partial or full healing after I prayed for a few other people with headaches, back pains and hearing loss. Glory to God for releasing the Healing Power of the Holy Spirit through me.
  • After Randy Clark’s conference (where I received an impartation for healing back in April 2017) I tried the gift I believed I received and a lady with pain in her knee was instantly healed. Another person started to hear with one ear which was completely deaf as I was praying for her.
  • One day God brought me a lady who was recovering from a stroke and was due for a series of surgeries. She was calling after me, literally, after I got off the bus and just after a few minutes she told me about her medical problems. I felt the anointing of the Holy Spirit and prayed for her in faith. She had to leave quickly but I believe God answered my prayer. (April 2017)
  • After my mum fell off and hurt her knees really bad she was is severe pain. I prayed for her over the phone asking her to lay her hand where is hurting while I prayed for her and she felt instantly the pain going away (August 2017).
  • I prayed for people with lower intestine problems, headache, gallbladder problems, pelvic bone pain, depression and insomnia. I don’t know the outcome because either they haven’t been checked by a doctor yet or I haven’t seen them again, but I believed God healed them. Most of the time either me or the person I prayed for felt something – either heat coming through my hands or an unexplainable peace or happiness.
  • I prayed for a friend of mine, Ashwini, who had suffered from migraines for over 6 months and God took her pains instantly when I prayed for her. She felt light when I’ve prayed and had no headache at all in seconds. The enemy comes to steal and destroy so the pains came back but I continued to pray for her and she got healed (November 2017)
  • One Twitter follower asked me recently to pray for his ear infection to be healed. I prayed for him believing that God will heal him and a few days later he sent me a beautiful testimonial. Praise the Lord. He is the Healer. (1st November 2017)
  • My friend’s child had an ear infection and was in pain. We both prayed for her little one and God healed him. A few hours later she texted me, the boy was completely healed (December 2017).
  • In February 2018 I went to Romania and have seen many healings among my family members – pains in the knees, heart, toes, neck and back were instantly gone. I’ve also seen a nodule disappearing a week after I’ve prayed.
  • My dad told me that the leg I’ve prayed for a year ago, in May 2017, was completely healed a few weeks after the prayer. His right leg was completely numb for a long time before I’ve prayed.
  • I’ve prayed for deliverance for a person with sleep problems and now he sleeps like a baby, the whole night without any bad dreams.
  • April 2018 – I’ve prayed for Nini, a lady who had severe pains in her right hip – she was due for a surgery. As I’ve prayed a few times, the pain went down from a 12 to become almost unnoticeable.
  • May 2018 – I’ve prayed for Ashwini (a lady who was healed from a migraine back in November 2017) who suffered from a very severe shoulder pain that she had it for three days. As I’ve prayed the pain went down and a few hours later she texted me saying that the pain was completely gone.

Thank you, Jesus!

Words of Knowledge & Prophetic Messages

  • Occasionally I receive words of knowledge for healing for people around me. They come in the form of impressions on my body or hearing words about what parts of the body God wants to heal. After I prayed for those people, they felt better instantly.
  • One time I received a word of knowledge that God wants to heal someone with “popping ears” while I was in the church. A bit vague, I know, but this is what I felt. We prayed for a few people with ear problems but what is interesting is that God healed someone who wasn’t in the church that Sunday. I found out later that a young lady, whose ears were popping because she had an infection, received my word of knowledge from her mum and she believed that God wants to heal her. Next day her ears were clear and they stopped popping. God healed her without anyone praying for her and she received the healing through faith. (May 2017)
  • After I believed I received the gifts of prophecy and words of knowledge in faith through a prayer for impartation done by Shawn Bolz but also after I and my pastor prayed for this, I started to hear God better. Sometimes it’s that accurate that I receive clear answers to the questions I ask Him. See below some of the words and messages I received.
  • When a friend told me that her mum died of cancer I instantly felt that God wants me to tell her that He didn’t take her. I shared with my friend and she actually told me that her mum decided to stop the medication and that she wanted to go. (August 2017)
  • I asked God is He can give me any word for a lady from my prayer meeting group and I felt that her daughter goes through a difficult time at work and the God wants to assure her that He is with her and everything will be good. I shared this with her and it was spot on. Very reassuring for her and her daughter. (August 2017)
  • One time I received a word of encouragement for someone else from my church – I felt that she goes through a difficult time financially and I heard God saying that He heard and answered to her prayers and that she will soon see His blessings because He has plans to prosper her. She was blessed to hear this as the only one who knew about their financial struggles was God. (September 2017)
  • When I asked God to give me a word of knowledge for a lady I met recently He gave me a date and the word wedding. After I met with her I found out she was about to go to another country for her wedding and that that date is the day when they celebrated the birth of their first newborn. I instantly felt that God had blessed their marriage and that He had planned them to be together before they knew each other and that He is blessing their family. They got married a month after they met each other but didn’t have a chance to have a proper wedding. (September 2017)
  • I shared a message with the business owner of one of the companies I work with. I was extremely nervous but I had to tell him what God told me. In one sentence the message was that God is with him and that whatever he will decide to do with His business He will succeed. He felt blessed and believed I was sent by God to work with him (October 2017)

Thank you, Jesus

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“Be glad, people of Zion, rejoice in the LORD your God, for he has given you the autumn rains because he is faithful. He sends you abundant showers, both autumn and spring rains, as before.” — Joel 2:23 Listen to chapter Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984, 2011 by Biblica. Powered by BibleGateway.com.

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