Prophecy & Words of Knowledge


A few times, on different occasions, I’ve asked the Lord to tell me the name of the person sitting next to me on the bench or serving at the bar. He was so willing to help me break the ice talking to
them and He gave me their names. God gave me their names so I can tell them that God loves them, that He knows them by name, and that He will look after them. This gave me an opportunity to pray for what they needed as well.


During a conversation with an atheist, while a fellow Christian was sharing the gospel with him I’ve asked the Holy Spirit to tell me his name or something about him so I can show him how much God loves
him. I’ve heard the name John and knee pains. His name was John indeed and he had pain in his knees. This experience revealed to him that the God who he doesn’t believe exists knows him by name and wants to heal him.


One time in church I received a word of knowledge that God wants to heal someone with “popping ears”. A bit vague, I know, but this is what I felt. We prayed for a few people with ear problems but
what is interesting is that God healed someone who wasn’t in the church that Sunday. I found out a week later that a young lady, whose ears were popping because she had an infection, received my word of knowledge from her mum and
she believed that God wants to heal her. Next day her ears were clear of infection and they stopped popping.


When I asked God to give me a word of knowledge for a lady I’ve just met He gave me a date and the word wedding. After I met with her I found out she was about to go to another country for her wedding and that the date God gave me
was the day when they celebrated the birth of their first baby. God told me that He blessed their marriage and that He had planned them to be together. I prayed for her and blessed their marriage.


One time while I was on the train I looked at a young girl and the word ‘design’ popped into my head. I’ve started a conversation with her and found out she loves painting but she’s doing more as a hobby.
I’ve encouraged her to pursue her passion because that is her gift from God.


One time during the outreach we do in Staines, I was talking to a young girl and the Lord told me that she asked Him to show Himself if He is real. I’ve asked if that’s what she asked Him and she confirmed.

The fact that the Lord has shown this to me was a confirmation for her that He is real.


I was talking with a young girl one time and while she tried to look strong the Holy Spirit told me that she is shy and He gave me a message for her as well.

The girl confirmed that everything I said relates to her and she let me pray for her too.