As I live my life led by the Holy Spirit, Jesus is touching people wherever I go. He is reaching people outside of the church’s walls because He is in me. He goes wherever I go. If Jesus said that we can do greater things than He did because He is going to be with the Father I have to believe this and expect signs and wonders to happen whenever I pray for anyone to be healed. God said that He will pour out His Spirit in the last days and this is exactly what He does in Surrey, England.

Led by the Holy Spirit

Most of the times I pray for people that are phisically in pain or have suffered any injury or I just go to talk to the people that the Holy Spirit is highlighting to me. Sometimes He gives me words of knowledge or a prophetic message to share, but other times I am moved by compassion.  Send me an email if you want to join me out on the streets to gaine some courage. No agenda, no evangelistic tools, just me and you being led by the Holy Spirit walking in authority and power to heal the sick, cast out demons and share the gospel. 

In Egham-Hythe, Surrey

I lead a women home group where Christians from different local churches get together to worship Jesus, study the Bible and pray. Many prayers have been answered, people have been set free of demonic oppression and got healed. Find out more.

In Staines

I lead a Street Evangelism outreach event in Staines organised by Riverside Vineyard Church – on the third Saturday of the month we go to Staines High Street to tell people about Jesus and pray for their needs. We meet at 1 pm in from of Pret a Manger.  If you are a Christian willing to tell others about Jesus, join us. Find out more.