Healing Testimonies


When the surgeon wanted to remove my thyroid, I prayed and believed that God has healed me because the Bible says that by Jesus stripes I have been healed (Isaiah 53:5). He already has done His part, now it was my turn to believe.
A month after I stopped the medication and declared daily that I’m healed my blood tests came normal and continue to be normal.


Before praying for someone with back problems I’ve checked if her legs are equal and one was longer than the other. I’ve prayed for her commanding the short leg to grow in the name of Jesus and it happened exactly as I prayed. One
leg shorter than the other is the reason why many people have hip or lower back problems.


My mum fell and injured her knees. When I spoke to her over the phone she was in severe pain. I’ve prayed for her and Jesus took all the pain away.

Most of the people who had pains in their knee received total or partial healing after I prayed for them


Together with the women homegroup I lead we’ve prayed for someone’s friend who couldn’t have a baby – she was trying for over three years without any success.

We prayed for her and six months later we found out that she got pregnant soon after we prayed for her.


I prayed for two different women who used a hearing aid system to help them hear as they experience deafness in one ear. They both took their hearing aid system off after I prayed for them and they heard perfectly normal and left home
with the auditory system in their pocket.


One time I prayed for a relative who had a bone popping through her palm. I’ve never seen anything like this but I prayed believing that the bone will go back in the right place. Nothing happened instantly but a week later she showed
me her hand and the bone disappeared, it went back to its place.


I’ve prayed for many people with all sort of pains and most of them received some sort of healing – some complete instant healing and some partial healing. Sometimes people felt the heat coming through my hands, sometimes they got
healed without feeling anything.


A young lady who happened to be in my area had a panic attack and was about to faint. She asked the people around her to call the ambulance as she started feeling cold, with blurry vision and hearing blockage. I prayed for her commanding
to the vision to come back, the ears to open and her entire body to be healed. Five minutes later she was back on her feet praising Jesus.


Jesus wants us to have a good sleep. I’ve prayed for people suffering from insomnia and they got healed and slept like a baby.


I’ve prayed for a young woman who suffered from migraines for over 6 months.

Jesus healed her instantly and she never had any problem since.


My dad had a numb leg and nothing seemed to work. I prayed for him and in a matter of days the numbness left.


I’ve prayed for a couple of people with twisted ankles and they both got healed.

Both the pain and swelling instantly left.