Hope book of teestimoniesMy first Christian book, “HOPE – 20 Real-Life Stories of Journeys Out of the Darkness Into the Light” is now available on Amazon worldwide. It’s available just a few clicks away, ready to inspire and uplift hearts everywhere.

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This book is packed with twenty incredible stories of transformation, straight from the lives of real people. We’re talking about stories of men and women who have battled depression, wrestled with suicidal thoughts, survived physical abuse, fought against drug addiction, dealt with excessive drinking, escaped abusive marriages, coped with grief, stumbled through the maze of New Age practices, dabbled in witchcraft, and faced demonic oppression. God’s love and power came rushing in in their darkest moments, turning their lives around.

Don’t forget to spread the word! Share this incredible read with your friends and family so they, too, can discover the amazing ways God works in our lives.

Prayer Journal & Gratitude Journal 

After seeing there aren’t many Christian journals and planners out in the market, I decided to create several assets I would like to use in my time with God. Click on the covers below to read more about these useful resources and order them from Amazon UK. They are also available worldwide; search for my name on your local Amazon page.  

Each page of this prayer journal is organized in sections to write the Bible verse of your choice, prayers, thoughts, and reflections from your time with God, as well as notes and key points from sermons.

Start and end your day writing what you are grateful for and thank God for His love and mercy. Start your day with gratitude and end it with reflection.








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