In an interview I’ve recently given to Social Report, the reporter called me an Influencer, a Social Media Management Expert, and, most importantly, an Empowering Blogger. I love this title because my mission is to help you find the peace and love of God and why you’ve been created for, empower you and give you the resources you need to succeed in life and business. Click here to read that interview.

The title I love the most is ‘Follower of Jesus’.

I am a Christian, a wife and a mum of a 5.5 years old girl. I was born in Romania but found my home in Surrey, England. My vision is to change the world around me by showing that all things are possible with God. Jesus picked me up from where I was almost two years ago and changed my life completely. Now I am happy with who am I and what I do because I know can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.

God is first. I belong to Jesus and I am lead by the Holy Spirit. I do what Jesus asked me to do – “Proclaim this message: ‘The kingdom of heaven has come near.’ Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons”. Signs and wonders will follow that that believes.

I carry His presence and pray for people and businesses wherever I go. I believe God is a good Father who wants to bless you abundantly if you are willing to surrender and let Him guide you. Send me an email if you need help.

  • I am part of Greater Life Missional Church in Staines, where I help with AV, I pray for people and I get involved in all the activities we do to reach more people outside the church.
  • I run missional group at my home in Egham Hythe where we bring Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit to the local community.
  • I have over 16 years of experience in Communications – Mass-Media, Public Relations, Marketing, Events, Business Development, and Social Media.
  • I am a blogger (finalist of UK Blog Awards 2018 & 2017 and a few other international competitions) and author of social media ebooks available on Amazon.
  • I work part-time as a Digital Marketing Manager for a local business and help others figure out how to bring their business on the right track.
  • We have a family online shop www.kidsimagine.co.uk where we sell custom made t-shirts printed with the kids’ drawings. £1 from each t-shirt sold goes to the closest school or to your child’s school.


My life changed radically in February 2017 after I encountered the love of God through Jesus. Since then, God healed my hyperthyroid when the doctors wanted it removed and healed many other people I’ve prayed for, and transformed my life completely from the inside out. After I’ve received the Holy Spirit I felt love and compassion for people, an indescribable peace and joy. God gave me favour with the house where we live in, the school where my daughter goes, He promoted me in the leadership team of my church, He gave me a part-time job where I do what I enjoy, I’ve received cheques and money I didn’t expect, He brings me the people that need help to get their life back on track through prayers and counselling and He brings me business people that need help to change their mindset and take their business further.


Featured in various online publications as a social media expert and businesswoman

Carmen knows Social Media, Blogging, and overall Digital Marketing like the back of her hand... She's always highly engaged and knows exactly how to build solid relationships — skills necessary to thrive in today's online world. Her blog is a great resource for all levels of marketing experience; I recommend not only saving some precious time to read Carmen's content, but also getting to know her personally!

Sam Hurley

Sam Hurley

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Carmen has proved to be an integral part of our Social Media marketing. She has revamped our Social Media platforms, updated designs, created new vibrant ads and implemented our current marketing strategy. Carmen has been a breath of fresh air with her positivity and knowledge. I would strongly recommend Carmen to any other business.

Garry Deegan

Garry Deegan

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