Carmen knows Social Media, Blogging, and overall Digital Marketing like the back of her hand... She's always highly engaged and knows exactly how to build solid relationships — skills necessary to thrive in today's online world. Her blog is a great resource for all levels of marketing experience; I recommend not only saving some precious time to read Carmen's content, but also getting to know her personally!

Sam Hurley

Sam Hurley

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Carmen has proved to be an integral part of our Social Media marketing. She has revamped our Social Media platforms, updated designs, created new vibrant ads and implemented our current marketing strategy. Carmen has been a breath of fresh air with her positivity and knowledge. I would strongly recommend Carmen to any other business.

Garry Deegan

Garry Deegan

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Carmen Lascu is a Social Media Expert with over 15 years of experience in Mass-Media, Public Relations, Marketing, Events, Business Development, Social Media and Digital Marketing.

  • UK Blog Awards 2017 & 2018 Finalist
  • Social Media Influencer
  • Author of three social media books published on Amazon
  • Featured in Huffington Post, Business Cloud Magazine, and other printed and online publications

Born and bred in Romania, living in the UK since May 2011. Happily married, with a little girl born in March 2013. Follower of Jesus. Loving people and empowering them to do great things.


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