Only Believe that Healing is God’s Will

Only Believe that Healing is God’s Will

0 By Carmen

No matter what is happening in your life or how the current circumstances look like always expect that something good is about to happen. Only believe. God’s promises are real.

This is more than positive thinking, it’s having the assurance that something good is coming your way because God is always faithful.

Some may say I am too naive but I have faith that if God said He has plans to prosper me He will open up the opportunities for me. On the other hand, since the Bible says that by Jesus’ stripes I was healed I believe this is true and receive the healing in faith. In other situation the Holy Spirit healed other people through me but again I think He did this because I believed He will do it, I prayed with expectancy to receive healing. You know why? Because Jesus is the Healer and whatever you ask in His Name it will be given to you.

Healing in the atonement

I was diagnosed with hyperthyroid and been on medications for 4 years. When I believed that what the Bible says is true and that healing is in the atonement because Jesus took all my pains and sufferings I prayed in the name of Jesus, I stopped the medication and gave thanks to God for healing me. Don’t do this at home, I would never advice anyone to stop the medication. I did it because for me it was the right way to do to prove that God healed me. I believe I received healing because I had faith in what the Bible said Jesus did for me. By His stripes I was healed and if the Bible says I was healed this means that I am healed so I commanded to the symptoms and sickness to leave my body and gave thanks to God for healing me.

The healing power of the Holy Spirit

Other times I prayed for healing for other people and they were healed. The Bible says lay hands on the sick and they will recover. This is what I do – I pray with faith believing that the power of the Holy Spirit will flow through me to heal the person I pray for.

I also believe that healing is released because Jesus lives in me and I have the Holy Spirit inside of me some I am a born again Christian.

I recently had a revelation that Jesus is the Healer. It’s hard to explain in the physical world but in the heavenly realm everything is possible. Since Jesus lives in me, He is doing today what He did during His ministry, the resurrection power is inside of me and healing is God’s Will, I don’t see any reason why not to expect healing when I pray. There is no sickness in heaven and I believe that when we pray the healing is released from heaven down to earth.

“Your Kingdom come, Your Will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven”.