Monthly Archives: October 2018

Do You Think Like an Employee or an Entrepreneur?

Many small business owners got their beginning as an employee. They worked for somebody else, they had a dream and believed that if they work hard their business will succeed. The issue is, if you’ve been an employee for years, it may be difficult to shake off the bonds of the employee mentality. If you’ve got […]

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The Thanksgiving Prayer that Brings Healing

Just recently my daughter was sick. She had a nasty tummy bug for nearly a week. I’ve prayed all sort of prayers believing that she will be instantly healed but she wasn’t. I was expecting that the next day she will wake up perfectly fine, but the next morning she was the same – weak, […]

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Who Am I & Who Are You?

I am unique and wonderfully made, I am loved, I am created with a purpose, I have the ability to produce wealth, I am strong, I am healed, I am forgiven, I am blessed, I am a child of God, I receive God’s grace. It’s not me who is saying this – it’s God’s Word, […]

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