12 Best Tools for Social Media Management

Being organized in your marketing efforts is one of the keys to success in every business – so if you are not managing your social media profiles using a social media management tool and still doing everything manually, you are missing a lot!

Tons of social media management tools exist nowadays to help you with your daily marketing tasks. From planning, to sourcing great images, to scheduling and analytics, certain tools excel among the rest. Below are the top 12 social media management tools you can check out to help you with your marketing campaigns, presented by Andrew Kunesh, a young writer passionate about technology.


1. Social Report

Social Report

We’ve placed Social Report is at the top of the list because it’s simply the most complete social media management platform available in the market today. On top of that—their prices are awesome. Whether you are an individual managing a handful of social media profiles or a large digital marketing agency managing hundreds clients, Social Report’s advanced suite of tools for social media scheduling (Instagram included), profile analytics, stat reporting and automations has your back. Definitely give their 30-day free trial a go if you’re looking for an awesome tool in 2018.

2. TweetDeck

Tweetdeck is a social media dashboard application for management of Twitter accounts. If you manage multiple Twitter accounts, this app offers a more convenient Twitter experience as it lets you engage, monitor, and schedule tweets for multiple accounts from a single customizable dashboard.

3. Social Pilot

Social Pilot.jpg

Social Pilot is a cost-effective social media management platform for teams and agencies. It’s main focus is to automates content sharing across your social media profiles. From scheduling social media posts, to content curation and custom Facebook branding, this tool is useful for agencies who maintain a large number of social media profiles on a daily basis.

4. MavSocial

Mav Social.jpg
MavSocial is a content management and publishing tool for brands and advertising agencies with a focus on visuals. It allows users to store media files to their cloud-based library so you can plan, analyze and schedule to various social media channels. What’s great about this tool is that when planning content, users can obtain post approvals to managers by sending them approval requests via email and coordinate campaigns or posts via their built-in chat application.

5. Moz

For every brand, the first step in establishing a social media presence is to create a social media strategy. Moz helps you in this area and more by providing you data that answers a lot of your questions when we talk about success. What are your social media goals? Are you trying to achieve traffic back to your website? Who do you want to reach, is it your existing customers, influencers, or are you tap a whole new market? When you have all these information handy, it becomes a lot easier to plan and execute campaigns effectively.

6. Post Planner

Post Planner.jpg
Planning your entire social media calendar can be a pain especially if you want to consistently post fresh content to your social profiles. This is where Post Planner comes in. It includes an intuitive post-scheduling tool to guarantee that the most effective content is posted at the right times allowing social media marketers to post as efficiently as possible.

7. Unsplash

No matter how great your content is, if its not accompanied by a great image, then you can expect minimal engagement in your posts. Unsplash is a great resource for social media marketers looking for high-resolution images that are free for use in any campaign. The images are properly tagged so you can easily search for an image suitable for the post.

8. Canva

When you create and design your images with the intention of keeping your followers engaged, you can be sure that your overall brand experience increases as well. Canva makes graphic design so much easier by providing templates for every use. Whether you need a Facebook banner, an Instagram photo or a Twitter cover photo, Canva can easily turn non-designers like us into a pro in seconds!

9. Snip.ly

Sniply allows you to add a call-to-action to any page on your website, allowing maximum engagement from your followers in every link that you share.

Running a contest and want your followers to join? Want to increase your email marketing list? All you need to do is attach a button to the page that links to your own website, so that people can discover you while they read.

10. Socedo

Socedo is a tool especially made for B2B marketers. It identifies qualified and real-time leads by using social intent data through Twitter. It starts by identifying prospects through conversational search criteria based on real-time interests. Automated messaging then leads to a landing page or starts a conversation. Using Socedo’s social lead monitoring feature, it helps social media marketers track lead behavior on social media and find prospects based solely on keywords.

11. AddThis

The goal of AddThis is simple: to make your content shareable with just one click. This social share plugin provides share buttons, targeting tools and content recommendations so your posts get more likes and shares which in return increases engagement with your audience.

12. Social Toaster

Social Toaster
Social Toaster is a fan engagement platform that allows you to empower your biggest fans to act as word-of-mouth ambassadors for your brand. With this tool, your supporters can be easily reached through email and social media. You can run various campaigns, contests and games through the app and the more your supporters participate, the more chances of winning! SocialToaster is compatible with major social media channels and uses an easy signup system via social media.


Managing several social networks at the same time can be overwhelming if you try to do everything manually. Social media management tools are here to speed up your workflow and get better performance analysis. Whatever your business goal is for running various social profiles, there’s a social media management tool for you, ready to help you save a lot of time!

Guest Author: Andrew Kunesh – Technology, coffee, and cycling enthusiast. Chicagoan. Entrepreneur. Writer.

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