The Fire17 Conference set me on… fire

The Fire17 Conference set me on… fire

26/11/2017 0 By Carmen

The Fire17 conference organised by Christ for Nations was a very beautiful and powerful encounter with Jesus for me and for other thousands of people that attended this event at ICC Auditorium in Excel London on 18th and 19th November. Both days were led more by the Holy Spirit than the evangelists’ notes which helped immensely to connect with His presence. There were a few messages that moved me deeply. I needed this, I needed to be inspired and encouraged by seeing the evangelists’ passion for Jesus. I needed to understand who am I in Christ.

Before coming to this event I felt that something was missing in my relationship with God and what I do for His Kingdom, I needed more.

I don’t want to be like others but I want to let God use me to change many lives. He has done some great things through me but I want more. No, I don’t want to be just a Christian enjoying my beautiful relation with God, having His guidance and wisdom and having my prayers answered. I love this but I want more, I want to see people’s lives transformed. I feel called for this. When I pray for healing I feel good, I feel empowered, it brings me joy.

All these evangelists from Fire 17 conference were so humbled and full of love for Jesus and this impacted me deeply. I didn’t go to this conference by mistake, that’s for sure. Everything happened for reason. I needed to see how passionate the people God commissioned to do His Work are. I’ve seen them on YouTube but is so different to hear their messages after worshipping and when the Holy Spirit is there.

Exalt and adore Jesus

There were some really good messages but what Eric Ghilmour said about the relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdalene impacted me. He said that Jesus loved Mary Magdalene because she looked at Him, she adored Him, while Martha looked at His work and did the work for Him. This made me realise what really matters to Jesus and that He is looking at our heart for Him. When I read Luke 10:38-42 I  didn’t catch this. What this evangelist said made me realise I was Martha but Jesus is looking for a Mary.

The Bible says who knows Him knows the Father and He told His disciples that who loves his family more than Him is not worthy of Him. I loved God but I didn’t treasure or love Jesus the way He wants me to. Now I do. After lots of crying I found what was missing. Jesus is looking for that Mary who will do anything to be with Him and listen to Him.

I love God with all my heart and I was grateful for what Jesus did, I accepted Him and received the Holy Spirit back in February 2017 (and been baptised in the Spirit a few weeks later), but I was looking at Jesus’ Works and not at Him. I was using His name in prayer and God answered, He was faithful, but I wasn’t full of joy and love for Jesus. I didn’t love Jesus the way Todd White does. I realised I was interested in learning from how Jesus ministered and using the gifts of the Spirit, but I forgot to look at Him. It’s so easy to get caught up in wanting to see your prayers answered and His power manifested that you tend to forget whose power flows through you. I wanted to feel the same passion as Todd White has, the passion that gives you boldness to speak about Jesus because your heart is full of love.

God’s Hand on us

“When we use our own limited resources for His purpose the hands of God come upon our hands”, said Peter Venderberg, talking about a revelation he had on 2 Kings 13:14-19. When God’s hands are upon our limited resources everything is possible. He wasn’t referring at finances but at what we say we don’t have enough – like I don’t speak well, I don’t have courage etc.

All we need to do is to obey God and let Him put His mighty hands on us and anoint our words and actions when we minister to others.

God who Provides

I heard a beautiful story from Daniel Kolenda – many years ago when he was in Bible college he needed $2000 to pay for one semester and all he had was $200. God told him that what he has is the seed and a minute later his friend knocked at his door to say goodbye because he didn’t have the money to pay the deposit for the school. He was missing $200. Daniel gave this money to him and then prayed to God asking for a miracle. Later on that day his dad told him that a relative wants to pay for his college and he deposited $2000 into his bank account.

This wasn’t a coincidence. This is what a loving father does – he cares for your needs and he is doing everything to make you happy because he loves you. This is what our Father in Heaven does for us. He provides for our daily needs and more. “Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart” (Psalm 37:4, NIV).

God’s Word comes alive

Nathan Morris said that there is a time when the word of God becomes alive inside of us and as it grows our live change. This happened to me when I studied what the Bible says about healing and meditated on His word, believed is true and declared it into my life until that little seed grew giving me faith to believe that God’s Will for me is to be healed.

Nathan’s preach made me realise I’ve been apart from the Bible lately. I used to read daily but recently I let myself lead by the Holy Spirit and what God told me without continuing to meditate on His Word. I’m listening to YouTube videos almost daily and attended the Emerge Bible College organised by Greater Life Church but I realise that this is not enough for me. I receive revelations when I read the Bible in my own peace. As soon as I’ve got back home from the conference I started to read the New Testament again, this time with my spirit open and not just using my mind.

Nathan said that when God speak, we should stand in faith because what He said will come to pass. When I read the gospels and meditated on healing I believed I received the healing through faith and my thyroid went back to normal.

The Holy Spirit is real

Of course, He is real. I felt His presence very powerfully during the baptism of the Holy Spirit, during the impartation received from Randy Clark and Blaine Cook back in April 2017 at a Global Awakening conference, and almost all the time when I’m in the church. Toward the end of the Fire17 conference my hands were shaking (quite a lot) and my legs were weak but I wanted more. I cried for more, I wanted to feel the fire and the power of the Holy Spirit flowing through my body as I felt before but that was all that I felt… I know, I was selfish at that moment wanting more but that was because I was hungry for God as some would say. Selfish in a good way I would say because I believe when you are touched by God you are empowered to do His work on earth. At that time I was a bit frustrated because the Bible says Ask and it shall be given to you. Down on my knee, I asked Him why He’s not giving me what I asked, but then I heard Him saying – “you are full of the Holy Spirit. Go and release to others”.

I went to pray for a lady in a wheelchair and when I prayed she fel heat in her lower back pain and it stopped hurting her. She was afraid to try to stand because she had to go back home on her own but she said she’ll try when she will get home.

Everything that happened during this event was a beautiful experience that I will carry with me to the church and local community.

With God all things are possible

Because the first night of the event finished very late, at 11 pm instead of 9.30pm, I realised I should probably stay one more night in London just in case the second night will finish that late. I didn’t want to miss anything and also wasn’t too keen to disturb my little girl’s sleep by taking her in my husband’s car to pick me up.

I only had money for accommodation on Friday night and a room for Saturday would’ve cost me £140, which I couldn’t afford to pay. Just before midnight on Friday, I went back to my hotel and asked the receptionist to check the availability and the price for Saturday. He told me that there was no availability at all because all the rooms were held for another event at Excel but he said he will speak to his manager to see what he can do.

To keep the story short, I went upstairs to my room and done what I know – I prayed, asking God to make it possible to be offered the room for Saturday night. I told Him I can only pay £50 and believed that whatever seems to be impossible for Him is possible. A minute after I finished praying (it was a 2 minutes prayer, maybe less), the receptionist knocked at my door to offer me the room for Saturday night for a staggering price of £54!!!!

Praise God! With Him all things are possible.