Visual Branding for DIY Entrepreneurs

Visuals are everything. You may agree or disagree but it’s true, isn’t it? Simply observe the culture right now.

We love seeing images and videos – whether it’s us in the photo or just another ‘satisfying video’ on YouTube. We can’t help but look at and watch them. And what catches our attention most are the types of visuals that are eye-catching.

It’s true that visuals are just what you see on the outside and don’t reflect who the person really is or what the business stands for. But, think about this, a company can have the most awesome product but when visually advertise unappealingly, most people may not even notice it.

You probably can’t judge a book by its cover but somehow what you see affects your decision making, correct?

The Importance of Visual Identity

Apart from today’s visual culture as being a huge factor why you need to go visual, Ken Bradford shared on LinkedIn the essential elements why your brand’s look is important when you’re trying to build customer base:

1. Visual identity – a small component that produces the first impression
2. A brand’s appearance is critical for differentiation

3. Visual identity consistency builds trust

Quick question: If you create your own visuals for marketing or advertising right now, do you think someone would even take the time of day to look at or read it?

Thankfully, in this generation, you can learn anything you want to do with the help of your smartphone and internet connection. There are thousands of articles and video tutorials about everything.

So it’s unnecessary to hire a professional visual designer particularly if your business is on a tight budget and if you know you can do this on your own.

Visual strategist Orana Velarde, founder of Orana Creative, advised that having a good visual identity from the ground up is the key to stay on brand.

What does this even mean?

It means that you have to pay attention to the smallest details because those litte things can make a big impact such as being consistent with the colours you use, the placement of your logo, and the fonts and their sizes you use.

Let’s say you’re creating visual content for your Facebook marketing and you made two in and to be posted for different days. And they would look like:

Because you didn’t establish or decide first what colors, fonts, and other design elements you are going to stick with, your visuals don’t have consistency. Thus, you won’t be recognizable on Facebook or anywhere.

I know designing sounds exciting but before you start, choose and write down the design elements you are going to stick with for your visual content and branding.

Where To Start Creating Your Visual Brand Identity

Orana highly advised that when creating your branding style guide, you should focus on 3 parts:

1. Your brand’s mission and values

2. The visual aspects

3. The practical guidelines such as the dos and don’ts

She perfectly explained in this infographic guide she created with Visme everything you need to know and follow.


Guest Author: Belle Balace is the growth specialist at Visme, an online visual tool where you can create engaging presentations, infographics and data visualizations in less time. 

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