Eight Myths About Social Media Marketing!

What do you know about Social Media and Social Media Marketing? Sushmita Thakare Jain, a successful business owner and blogger from India, explains in this post some of the Social Media Marketing Myths you may… or you may not have heard of. 

What is Social Media?

As per Wikipedia, Social media are computer-mediated technologies that allow the creating and sharing of information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks.

Social media is used by everybody, Correct?

The reason for usage may differ like for example sometimes it is used to connect with friends & family while sometimes used to market businesses.

That’s called Social Media Marketing i.e. the use of social media platforms and websites to promote a product or service.

Forrester, a CONTRIBUTOR at Forbes says ‘You can no longer segment your business customers into those who use social media for business purposes and those who do not’.

Do you relate to it?

I do!

In this Era of Social Media, how can one think of segmenting the Online or Offline audience?

I believe each Social Media marketer has their own views and perception about it.

But today instead of sharing views I share few myths I have found to be associated with Social Media marketing.

You will ask why myths coz I feel they must be Busted!

Do you agree?

Stick through and check for yourself!

Have you ever given a thought to how to myths arise?

As per a philosopher David Hume ‘Because our minds are thus busy imposing a causal order on our perceptions, we often end up seeing causes where there are none. For instance, a black cat crosses one when they are walking and the work they were going for doesn’t work out despite the highest possibilities so one attributes the failure to the cat.

That’s how it begins!

Here a few myths I have come across most of the time. 

1. Mine is an Offline Business, hence my Customers aren’t on Social Media

What do you think?

Are your Customers on the social media or not?

This I have been hearing since the beginning of my journey, and still, know many who happen to think this is the way it is.

Let me share an incident, just a few days ago I connected with an individual on Twitter; he is into offering backend support to businesses, organizations etc. He shared he wanted to improve his marketing for his company to expand their Client base when I suggested him to work on his company’s social media platforms he replied no, saying his Clients are offline and, mind you, this is not the only incident, there are many.

Now tell me one thing – out of 1,860 million users (stats taken from statista.com) on Facebook, are you saying your customers aren’t on the platform or any other social network? As the list is very long.

Mostly I have found this myth revolves around those who are in the B2B segment. Have you ever noticed it?

But I want to say B2B business must opt-in for social media marketing too. It helps you spread out your word as well as work.

Like the incident above, the above person who represented a company connected with me to avail the services we provide, based on the social media connections made across the platform with marketing my work.

So you still sticking with it or there is a little alteration of the thought?

2. To grow my Audience let’s join every network right now!

Today we all know the list of social media platforms is large and growing each day by day. Right?

But I don’t think one must be present on all of them, as you do not want to have dead accounts across the social media platforms instead if any social network isn’t helping you out, cut it loose.

As instead of being ‘a jack of all and master of none’, focus on the apps which will give you more results and then, if you can find out what was missing for the other networks, come back.

3. Sharing Good Content will self-invite the audience naturally

We all agree content is KING!

But, I have found having the King by your side will not attract the audience towards. You need to market the good connect so the audience knows it exists then will they choose you.

Am I right?

Like for example, once I make my accounts I need the first few audiences to connect with so when I share my work they can check it out as well and if they like it, they will forward or share it ahead.

4. NEVER get personal with your audience

Have you noticed many have different personal and professional accounts on social media?

Well, I do not get their point!

Like if you have an Instagram account directly in the name of your Company or brand that is different but why do you need to make two accounts with your name? I like to connect with my audience the way I am.

The content you publish in social media should always keep your target audience in mind but that doesn’t mean you can’t also publish content that shows your brand’s personality.

5. Handling Social Media is Very Easy & Anyone Can Handle It

Many times I have seen people come to me for help after they screw up their social media.

When I ask how did it happen, the answer I get from most of them was – they thought social media handling was easy and when started with it did not receive the expected results.

Generally, it’s been assumed by many that it’s just necessary to post on the page and the audience reactions & engagement will just flow in, but that’s not how it is. You’ll have to invest some resources in social media marketing, it requires patience and dedicated work with planning to build a social media presence.

Hence you need to be very careful before putting your company’s reputation into anyone’s hands.

6. One must only try to get fans and followers that can become potential customers

This is not true; a larger reach provides you with a power to reach their audience as well helping you to grow your reach.

And you never know when they may refer your business as well.

Since I have opened my private Instagram & Twitter account, I am receiving a better response to the techniques applied even though my followers contain mixed audience.

7. Ignore the negative feedback

Never fall for this myth. Social media is a platform to work on your customer relations and not just to be a spectator or audience. If you ever get a negative feedback from any of your Client or Customer remember it is a boon in disguise where you get to work on the pointed matter and your Clients or Customers will feel good as you took their opinion in count.

Hence I say ‘Answer every comment positive or negative always reply back’

8. Too much content means you are giving away your secrets

I was once said by one of my friends by sharing my blogs I was giving away the secrets I had which will help my Client as well as my fellow competitors.

This will lead to people working on it on their own, instead of taking my services.

In return to this, I have a question to ask. Does Gordon Ramsey’s sharing recipe for any dish which he serves in his restaurant stop you from going to his restaurant to eat?

No right?

Or by reading every blog written by Neil Patel did I become one too!

Same way it is!

What do you say?

Which myths were you aware of and believed in?

Or do you know any others too?

Share it and Comment! Looking forward to knowing your views.

Guest Author: Sushmita Thakare Jain is a Work Enthusiast & Blogger, Looking and Searching for what Life has new to Offer. She helps Business owners Build their Brands and make them Irresistible, Profitable & Simply to Run them to build their social media, marketing, business growth and digital strategy with confidence, so they’re not just successful, but authentic as well as reliable. Connect with her on Twitter and Facebook.

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2 thoughts on “Eight Myths About Social Media Marketing!”

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  2. Hi Carmen! Another great article shared! Thanks. People who are not familiar with Social Media think they can learn and do it over night. When I tell my friends about being a Social Media manager – they think it’s a joke as they don’t see value or think it’s just about posting pictures. They forget there’s so much to it, analytics, data, audience, influencers and creative campaigns etc. Anyway just wanted to share some of my experience, and over the years I’ve been told off many times for being myself on social media – tried to be professional and corporate until I realized that our audiences always felt more connected to the real me than to someone I pretended to be. We are all human, and it’s great for audiences to recognize that there’s a human behind every social media channel.
    Looking forward to some more of your content! Thanks. Maura.

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