How I Became Finalist of UK Blog Awards and Top 10 Social Media Blogs 2017 organised by Social Media Examiner

How I Became Finalist of UK Blog Awards and Top 10 Social Media Blogs 2017 organised by Social Media Examiner

This year couldn’t start any better. On 2nd of January, I found out that my Social Media Blog is Finalist of UK Blog Awards 2017, the most important contest of this type in the UK, and a few days ago Social Media Examiner published the list with 20 finalists for Top 10 Social Media Blogs 2017 and my blog is one of them. What is remarkable is that there have been hundreds of social media blogs nominated and mine was selected along with well-known worldwide blogs.

This is absolutely amazing bearing in mind that I started blogging only five months ago, in September 2016. I know other people are blogging for years without any results…

How did I do this? Having a positive mindset is the answer. From the moment I knew I have been nominated to these competitions I was sure I am going to be in the final and now I am. You are what you THINK You Are.


Blogging Tips

If you want to start blogging but you don’t know if you are ready yet, my advice is “Do it”. Find a good hosting company, use WordPress (easy to use, good for SEO and affiliate marketing), and do your best. Share your tips, write well-researched articles and think like a journalist but also like the person who reads your posts. ┬áPost frequently, at least once a week.

I created a little kit with what you need to start blogging, which includes all the tools I use.

I started blogging after I published my first eBook, initially to promote it but soon after that I discovered that I enjoy writing and I have so much knowledge to share. I wrote two more books in the meantime and developed a couple of online video courses but that’s another story.

After being seen as an immigrant nearly 6 years ago (and for a few years after that), I finally found something I enjoy doing it and I want to make a living out of this.

I am a former journalist with almost 15 years of experience in Media, Public Relations, Marketing, Events, Training, Business Development and Social Media, born and bred in Romania, living in Southampton, UK.

My books can be found on Amazon. Click the image below.

Being a finalist encourages me to have big dreams and want the best. You will hear more from me as I am planning to publish more books and courses and be involved in other interesting projects too.

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