Why Small Businesses Should Use Facebook Live

Why Small Businesses Should Use Facebook Live

Facebook Live is a live video streaming service that lets anyone broadcast live videos from their mobile straight to their Facebook News Feed. Since its launch, it has been a major resource to online marketers and small businesses. This is an awesome way for small businesses to use the power of live video to communicate their brand stories and build authentic, intimate relationships with fans and followers.

Guest Post by Carly Richards, a business and balance coach working with mums running their own businesses

Facebook doesn’t like to mix business with pleasure so it doesn’t allow you to do business from your personal profile. That’s what a business page and (more commonly) your group can be used for – both of which you can “go live” from. When you go live you have a built-in audience. The video goes out in the notifications and in the news feed and gets great organic reach. In fact, Facebook currently gives a higher organic reach to a Facebook Live broadcast than to any other type of content post.

Personal Branding with Facebook Live

I believe that one of its strongest features is that it builds your personal brand. As a small business you are its best representative. Even if your business has never had a face behind it before, with authentic and relationship based selling methods becoming best practice nowadays, it pays to provide a more personal touch and give an intimate feel to your business. What better way to do that than to allow your customer to “meet the maker”. It humanizes and personalizes your brand to give a stronger connection with your audience. You can’t get this through Facebook ads or standard written content.

I also love how quick it is from a marketing perspective. I can do a Facebook Live in 10-20 minutes. I would have spent 5 minutes planning out what I want to say but my Facebook Live is completed in between 15-30 minutes – much less time than if I were to write a detailed content piece. So in less time I’ve created an awesome broadcast/content piece that gets better traffic and is better for my brand as it builds a deeper connection to my audience. I’d say that’s a win – win!

Your aim is to engage with as many people as possible when going Live for your business. So you should encourage people to subscribe and get notified when you’re going live so they can watch and interact. The more interaction the higher up people’s newsfeeds Facebook will push your broadcast.

I would get a good mix between going live from your business page and going live in your Facebook group.

How Facebook Live works

As soon as you go live, you can see people join. I like to welcome most people by their name. And I ask people to interact with their questions in the comments, you can scroll up and down to see them. You can answer questions or address comments at your leisure during the Live because the comments don’t auto-refresh, which is nice.

You choose an enticing title before going live so people know what it’s about before hopping on. This is critical because it’s the only thing people see in their notifications. You have to give them a compelling reason to click to listen.

Then you click “Go Live” and you’re live after the countdown from 3. Once you’re finished you click the “Finish” button and post the replay video for people to watch in their newsfeeds.

First Live Streaming Experience

I remember being extremely nervous before my very first Facebook Live. I did have a mini disaster which was probably the best thing to happen. The broadcast went well until I came to the end and had to finish the stream. It suddenly dawned on me I had been so worried and focused on starting the broadcast I didn’t have a clue how to finish it! Looking for that little button was the longest 20 seconds of my life. But I lived to tell the tale on another broadcast.

Guest Author: Carly Richards is a business and balance coach who works with Mums running their own businesses to help them manage what she calls “The Juggle Struggle”. She helps them streamline and grow their business in less time, systemise their lives and get rid of all the baggage they carry around fear, mindset and Mum-guilt. She does all of this so they have more quality family time. If you are a mum entrepreneur, you are welcome to join her Facebook Group “The Mums in Business“.



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