My Social Media Blog is Finalist of UK Blog Awards 2017

My Social Media Blog is Finalist of UK Blog Awards 2017

Thank you to everyone who voted Social Media Blog for UK Blog Awards 2017. I am in the Final 8 for the category “Pr, Media, Marketing And Communications”

I had some amazing achievements in 2016 and I promise to offer you more useful social media tips in 2017.

My vision is to create a well-known online learning hub where entrepreneurs, marketers, celebrities, and everyone interested in developing their social media skills will visit my blog to learn new skills.

Big plans for 2017

I am planning to

  • Write more books and develop more video tutorials (I have one called WordPress for Beginners, but a new one on Content Marketing will be added soon),
  • Develop some great tools for content marketing and social media to help you plan and manage your blog and your social media accounts,
  • Go live on Twitter and Facebook,
  • Organise webinars later in the year,
  • And much more.

Achievements in 2016

I believe you can create your own future and what has happened to me in 2016 is the proof. A year ago I was working for someone else, being apart from my nearly 4 years old daughter almost 10 hours a day. I wished to have my own business, help others, be successful, and spend more time with my daughter. I believe in Mind Power, Paradigm Shifting and Law of Attraction and yes, I have a vision board too, which I need to actualize it for this year.

A while ago a friend of mine needed help with managing a Twitter account for his start-up business and, after applying some simple principles, he got 1,000 followers in less than 30 days. After achieving this result, I came up with the idea to write the eBook 10 Steps to Master Your Twitter Account: Become a Twitter Expert to help other start-up businesses manage their Twitter account. This eBook, which was published in August 2016, is now available on Amazon worldwide and on my online shop.

Soon after that, I started blogging and now I publish one-two articles every week with helpful social media tips. I accepted a few guest posts too, but 95% of the content is mine.

After much preparation, December 2016 was the big month for me.

I published two new eBooks

My Amazon page

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