Top 5 Tips To Make People Read Your Content

Top 5 Tips To Make People Read Your Content

How long do your visitors stay on your website? Everyone is looking for information and if your visitors can’t find what they need in less than a minute they will go away. You must write smart content to grab your visitors’ attention from the beginning.

If you have a website or a blog, you should know that there are some guidelines on How to Write Powerful Content for The Web. If you follow them, you can make your text easy to read and also improve your SEO.

1. Think Like Your Readers reader

Know Your Audience. Who do you write the content for? Do you write for corporate or for consumers? Do you have to write in a formal or friendly style? These are questions you must answer yourself at the very beginning, before starting to write your content. You must do this no matter what type of content you write.

The same rule applies if you write for the About page or for a blog post. Know who is your audience and think what information your readers would like to find out!

2. Write For Your Readersaudience

Write For Your Audience! Address to them. Give them answers to what they search for. Be informative, but friendly and create content that is approachable.

I am writing this blog post for “You”. You will notice that in all my blog posts and pages I address to you, the person who is interested to find out more about me and my recommendations.

Don’t use “we”. This is the public organisations’ style. People are not interested to find out about what you do as a business. They want to know what you do for them, how can you help them, what solution you offer to them.

Think like you are speaking to a large audience during a conference. Who are you talking to? It’s exactly the same on the web. Make sure you know who is your audience and address to them.

3. The Most Important Information Goes First

Use The “Inverted Pyramid” Technique. Start with the most important information to gain attention. Think like a journalist and use catchy titles.

What will make people read your content? Keep the title short in one line.

It’s best to start your content either by mentioning the problem or the solution your offer. What’s your Unique Selling Point? What’s the most relevant information your Reader must get from your Blog Post? Once you find out, start your copy with that idea.

In the busy modern age, people have a tendency to skim-read. It’s critical, therefore, to use titles that will encourage them to stop, look, and engage.

4. Short Sentences Do The Trick

Keep Your Copy Short and Simple. Online readers are scanning the content, so make sure you write using short sentences, break the text into short paragraphs and use sub-titles (heading tags).

Long sentences are not helping with your SEO and your content will be difficult to read.

It is important that your visitors are able to understand what the content is about from your first 2-3 paragraphs.

5. SEO Page Title and Page Description


Page title – is the first thing that any visitor will see when carrying out a search on the web. Try to use your main keyword whenever you can.

META Description – Usually the second thing the visitor will see when carrying out a search through a search engine or directory. Include a description of the content they are going to read.

Heading Tags –  This will relate to specific subjects within your page. I use them to highlight my sub-titles, the main ideas of my blog posts.

I use a plugin called Yoast SEO, which incorporates everything from a snippet editor and real-time page analysis functionality that helps you optimize your page content, keywords, SEO title, meta descriptions and many more.

SEOProfiler is another great SEO tool I use, which can help you to get high rankings on Google and other search engines. With this tool, you get SEO tools for web page optimization, but also for link analysis, competitive intelligence, link building, keyword research, social media, website audits, and more. You can try SEOProfiler for Free.

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