The UK’s Leading Digital Marketing Experts are coming to Southampton

The UK’s Leading Digital Marketing Experts are coming to Southampton

Digital Marketing Summit will bring the UK’s Leading Experts digital-marketing-summitto Southampton, on Thursday, 27th October.

18 speakers will share their knowledge in social media, PPC, SEO, Web, Mobile, e_Commerce and more to other marketers and business owners attending the event, organised by Eventz.Digital in partnership with Google.

There are 16 Key-note presentations and 4 Boot camp events planned at Digital Marketing Summit, as well as many networking opportunities with the event’s sponsors, partners, speakers and the other attendees.

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The Agenda

Digital Marketing Summit welcomes some of the greatest digital marketing experts in the UK.

Tell Your Story Online – Abbey Oladapo, Lead Trainer, The Digital Garage / Google

Learn how to make your website shine across all devices and improve your digital presence through social media, online video and Google My Business.

How Big Data is changing Content Marketing – Laurence O’Toole, CEO of Authoritas

Find out why content marketing has changed radically over the past few years and what businesses need to be doing to ensure that they don’t get left behind.

Five common Personalisation myths and how to move from misconception to opportunity – Kristina Angelova, Co Founder & Digital Strategist, & James Beeson, Co-founder and Director of Strategy, RIKA Digital

In this talk, the speakers will cover popular myths, provide a definition and highlight the opportunities of tailored and personalised customer experiences.

Paid Media for Local Businesses: Driving Sales through Funnel Targeting – Samantha Noble, Client Strategy Director, Koozai

Throughout this session, Sam will walk you through 25 different localised Paid Media strategies that you can use to target your potential audience and push them through the consumer purchase funnel.

Future of PPC: Upcoming Adwords changes – Lucille Pickering, Agency Development Manager, Google

The Speaker is going to give that extra drive to help PPC agencies to grow with Google UK.

The Real State of SEO in 2016 and Beyond – Robert Nagy, CEO, Director of Digital Services, nagySEO

Awesome SEO predictions for 2017 are going to be shared by the speaker.

Need for Speed #Mobile: Importance of Speed and Responsive Mobile pages – Andy Clayton, Lead Designer, Atelier

Learn why the speed of your website is important to your business, the problems with a slow loading site, some of the tools you can use to check your own site and tips on how to improve your sites speed.

10 PPC tips to take your PPC to the next level – Tara West, Head of PPC, Etch

Practical PPC tips to take your Google Adwords paid campaign to the next level. Tara will provide advanced PPC advice, for you to learn, practice and advance with your online presence.

Brilliant writing for Social Media: Writing for Social Media boot camp – Chris van Schaick, Former BBC Journalist and BBC Editor, CVS

In this high-energy interactive workshop, writing skills coach Chris van Schaick will stretch your writing muscles. Then he’ll give you practical tips to take away about making your words work best for their platform.

Google Adwords Fundamentals (Paid Per Click) boot camp – Lucille Pickering, Agency Development Manager, Google

Learn everything you need to get started your Google Adwords Paid advertising campaigns. Introduction to Google Adwords and Google Display.

Ads on Videos, Ads as Ads, Videos as Ads and Ads for Videos: Confused? – Shawn Harding, Founder of Cohost, YouTube Channel 1Mil+ and CEO at BandV, CoHost

The speaker will walk you through PPC techniques to target your Video Ads, and will give you tips from how to optimize your Video paid advertising. Find out what to do to get to a YouTube Channel with a 1 Million+ subscribers.

Omni-Channel Marketing – Customer Experience in Retail – Kailea Ellah Walford-Shaw, Head of Omni-channel operations, B&Q

Kailea will share her expertise around the ‘B&Q experience’ and where the retail giant is heading on its digital road-map.

Effective SEM – Your Digital Advertising beyond Google – Barrie Jarman, Head of Supply EMEA, IPONWEB

Learn about how to use Search Engine Marketing effectively.

How to Rock your Business Social Media – David Harris, Managing Director and Co-Owner of One2create, One2Create

He will explain how to use Social Media to build your brand awareness, communicate with clients and prospects and help with your websites’ SEO.

Introduction to Technical SEO: SEO boot camp – Dimitris Zotos, Digital Strategy Manager, The Media Flow

Gain the confidence and know-how to get started with your organic search. Introduction to SEO, and simple plan and techniques to take home and implement on your website.

Supercharge a WordPress website boot camp – Istvan Bujdoso, Co-founder of DigitalHustlersHub and CEO, 47 Links

Learn How to Register, install, pick themes, security 101, Lead generation & Online Credibility, Conversation Rate Optimisation are just some of the topics that will be discussed during this session.

Surviving Content Shock – why effective content matters more than ever – Simon Moon, Head of Digital and Social Media, Director, Remarkable Group

The speaker will look at how marketers can create and measure effective content that drives ROI and ensures content a line on the marketing budget spend.

Content and style – writing to engage, whatever the platform – Chris van Schaick, Former BBC Journalist and BBC Editor, CVS

Exploiting social media for your company demands writing that’s relaxed, concise and engaging. Yet the usual style of business writing in many UK firms is formal, long-winded and boring.

The Ultimate Customer Contact Strategy – Rebecca Paterson, Director & Victoria Vickery, Managing Director, All Star Marketing Club

100% PRACTICAL ways to enhance Marketing results by effortlessly crafting Marketing Communications Strategies that are engineered to take that cold piece of prospect data through to a paying customer. They also look at the power of uniting traditional and Digital Marketing with this results-driven Marketing methodology.

Know your business with Google Analytics – Abbey Oladapo, Lead Trainer, The Digital Garage / Google

Learn about the importance of digital analytics and how to use a tool such as Google Analytics to collect data, understand insights and create goals for your business.

Digital Marketing Summit 2016 is taking place at Novotel Hotel in Southampton on 27th October 2016. Make sure you grab your tickets here, before they run out!


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Here are all the Partners that are working together to make this event possible.

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