Stand Out Of The Crowd With A Powerful Biography

Make the best first impression on Twitter. Don’t leave the bio section blank. Explain who you are and what you do. “Sell” yourself. Treat it as a business card. Your profile should be succinct and engaging. A good Twitter profile is crucial for attracting, maintaining and retaining followers.

This is the landing page which can determine others if you are worth following you or not. Make sure you transmit the correct message about your business. Be optimistic and positive, no one will be interested in you if you have a boring profile. Keep it professional but attractive in the same time.

You have 160 characters to let people know what makes your business special, and why they should follow you.

  • Include useful information, such as your location and business hours if you have a normal shop/unit.
  • Add your company website or a link to a more complete bio/profile of yourself on LinkedIn or elsewhere. Some people are using ‘’ where you can create a free page in minutes with no coding required. This will help other people to to find out more about you and your business.
  • Use keywords in your profile and something interesting to earn trust, add personality. Make it easier to be found by others. Treat the bio section as a “pay per click” add. Include keywords relevant to your business and expertise so people with similar interests can find you and follow you.
  • Turn your profile into a discovery tool by adding hashtags like #Twitter Expert, #Hairdresser, #Maritime, etc.

After you configured your profile, you have the opportunity to select the background and font colour for your biography. I have only one important recommendation here – keep it professional and use the same colour as your brand to have continuity.

Learn more about how to create a powerful biography and what type of photos you should use from my eBook  ’10 Steps to Master Your Twitter Account: Become a Twitter Expert’ – available now on Amazon and on my online shop.

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