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I love encouraging and helping people grow spiritually and also succeed in life and business as they reconnect with God.  There are many things I can do in my own strength having 18 years of experience in communications and digital marketing, but I can do much more with God’s help and favour. I believe no problem is too big for God and I have seen His power in my life and other people’s lives. He can restore relationships, heal any sickness, and transform lives. 

Find out what is your God-given purpose and run with it. I like what Keneth Hagin said in his book ‘The Gifts and the Calling of God’ – “Maybe God has called you to be in full-time ministry; maybe He has gifted you with business sense or artistic talent; perhaps you feel especially called to raise a family – whatever God’s gifts and callings, determine in your heart right now to be faithful and obedient in carrying out His plan for your life”

I have just published my first Christian book called HOPE, which includes 20 true stories of lives that have been restored after being in a deep depression, suicidal thoughts, physical abuse, drug addiction, excessive drinking, abusive marriage, grief, New Age, witchcraft, and demonic oppression. When nothing worked in their own strengths, they turned to God hoping He could help them and He did. Today these people live a normal and fulfilled life, they found peace, and bring a message of hope to other people.

Review from a reader who just bought the book on Amazon UK: 

“‘Hope’ is a wonderful book full of miraculous turnaround stories where people who were blind, then saw The Truth and The Light, their whole lives turned around. Testimonies are powerful and Carmen presents each story with dignity and grace”. 

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