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Do you feel lost and can’t see a way out? Or do you have a problem in your life or in business that you don’t know how to resolve it?

There is a way out of any negative situation and there is light at the end of the tunnel. A broken life can be fixed, a broken relationship can be restored and a broken business can become successful. All because God loves you and He wants to give you a fulfilled life, a life with a purpose, a life with a meaning. Your life worths more than rubies, diamonds, gold or any other metals or precious stones.

My name is Carmen. I’m a Romanian living in the UK, a wife and a mum, a Digital Marketing Manager, a blogger, a self-published author and, most importantly, a Christian, a follower and disciple of Jesus, an ambassador for Christ wherever I go.

I help other people receive spiritual, emotional and physical healing. If you feel yourself lost, without any hope or any way out, please get in touch. I will pray for you and stand in faith with you. I can also ask the Lord to give me the right encouraging words for you and tell you what the Bible says relating to your situation.

Do you need help with your business – to develop a website or an online shop, or to promote your business online, please get in touch. I have over 17 years of experience in marketing and online business solutions.

Everything is possible with God. Only believe.

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If you want to get closer to God start by believing that Jesus died for the forgivenes of your sins and confessing Him as your Lord and Saviour. Click here to find out more. Repent for your sins (this means turning away from sin and continuing living acording to God’s ways) and ask Jesus to come into your heart, read the Bible daily, get baptised and receive the Holy Spirit.

If you are already a follower of Jesus, put aside your desires and fears, submit to God, and let the Holy Spirit change you from the inside out. Be willing to let the Holy Spirit transform you to become like Christ.

On my Amazon shop I’ve put together a collection of Christian books and films that will help you grow your faith, how to be led by the Holy Spirit and live a supernatural life everyday.